rapid innovation

Rapid Innovation. Get everyone involved.

┬áNotwithstanding their adoption of agile approaches, many companies attempting to innovate are experiencing difficulty generating game-changing ideas. An antiquated and ineffective decision-making method is a significant contributor to this situation. In today’s discovery-driven open innovation systems, there are an unprecedented amount of options to consider, ranging from which concepts to pursue to innumerable decisions on how to run tests and what data to gather, among other things. The problem is that these decisions are often determined too slowly and are based on outdated information and limited viewpoints.

Customers, local leaders, data scientists, and outside experts must be included in decision-making processes for businesses to synchronize their decision-making processes with agile approaches. Companies must also clarify decision rights, match the rhythm of decisions to the learning pace, and encourage direct conflict to provide a better experience for the end customer. Then and only then will all of the hurried experimenting bear fruit.