Black Swan Event

The next Black Swan Event. Will it be more similar to 9/11, Covid-19 or a disruptive technology such as the invention of the Smart Phone.

Are you planning?

It is tough to develop a strategy during a period of uncertainty. Leaders cannot rely on their own experiences to solve problems never encountered before. There are long-term consequences to the actions people make today. This problem may be solved via the technique of strategic foresight. The goal of this approach is not to forecast the future but to assist businesses in seeing different possibilities so that they can anticipate and respond to change. Scenario planning is its most well-known tool. In order to utilize it effectively, enterprises must see a range of futures, identify tactics that are required across them, and begin executing those strategies immediately. One-time exercises are not enough; leaders need to develop a dynamic relationship between future-oriented thought and present-day actions to succeed.

Is it possible to predict what the next normal will look like?

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